Do I Need a Tooth Extraction in Allen, TX? 3 Warning Signs  


Are you wondering whether you might need a tooth extraction in the future? Although this seems scary, dentists often opt for tooth extraction as the last option–they’ll try everything in their power to keep your natural teeth.  


When you need a tooth extraction, you’ll find that it will cause intense tooth pain, help you achieve straighter teeth, and even save the rest of your natural teeth.   


Keep reading to learn some warning signs that a tooth extraction in Allen, TX may be necessary.   


1. Your Teeth Feel Loose  


If you notice that one or more of your teeth feel loose, it’s important to speak with your dentist as soon as possible. Adult teeth should never feel loose, which can signify that you’re suffering from periodontitis or severe tooth decay.   


After your dentist examines your teeth, they may find that the roots of your teeth are too damaged to save. If this is the case, they’ll recommend a tooth extraction so that they can replace your natural tooth with a tooth implant.   


2. Tooth Impaction  


Tooth impaction is when a growing tooth pushes against another, and it’s a significant reason why most people’s wisdom teeth are removed before this can happen. Without extracting the teeth causing impaction, this can lead to pain, swelling of the gums and jaw, bleeding gums, and more.   


A tooth impacting another may also cause irreversible damage to other teeth, meaning you may need to have more teeth extracted to save the rest of your smile.   


3. Overcrowding   


Without extracting teeth that can cause tooth impaction, your previously straight teeth can slowly become crooked. Straightening teeth already crooked can become difficult if you’re planning on investing in orthodontia, as your teeth won’t have anywhere to go.   


Therefore, some dentists will opt to extract teeth before you get braces or Invisalign to give your teeth room to move into place.   


Talk to Your Dentist About Tooth Extraction in Allen, TX  


It’s essential to keep in mind that getting your teeth extracted isn’t the end of the world. This standard procedure can lead to straighter teeth, less pain, and more confidence in your smile with orthodontia or implants.   


It all starts with having a conversation with your dentist about tooth extraction in Allen, TX. Please fill out our online or call us at 972-359-1300!