Why Wisdom Teeth Removal May be Necessary


Wisdom teeth extraction is a quite common practice in the dental community but are wisdom tooth extractions always necessary? If not, when are they suggested? Different dentists like to take different angles on wisdom teeth; some remove them when the patient is a child, while others wait until they emerge. Regardless of when it’s suggested that you get your wisdom teeth removed, why is it necessary?


Teeth Come in Imperfectly


Wisdom teeth are some of the last teeth to come in, and they are often the most problematic. They can come in at strange angles, sometimes not even angling up through the gum but instead into the roots of another tooth. These teeth grind against other teeth and are often the cause of pain.




Infections can happen with any teeth, but wisdom teeth are seated near the back of the mouth, making them especially prone to disease as they come up through the gum. These infections can cause severe damage if not cared for properly and will lead to extracting the problem tooth.


These are just a few reasons it may be necessary to consider Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Allen. If you’re feeling an ache or pain at the back of your jaw your wisdom teeth may be coming in, feel free to as us about your extraction options at your next appointment!