Learn the Importance of Lifelong Dental Care with Our Allen Family Dentist

There are several benefits to choosing a family dentist over a general dentist. The biggest advantage is convenience. Family dentists cater to the whole family and offer flexible hours to accommodate anyone’s busy schedule. Family dentistry also allows you to see the same dentist throughout your life. That is a main reason why many patients and their families choose our family dentist in Allen, TX, Dr. Susan Kim!
Children are able to see their family dentist from the time they have their first tooth, all the way into adulthood. This gives your dentist the advantage of becoming very familiar with your dental health. If you develop any oral health issues, Dr. Kim will be able to detect it early on and be able to treat it before it develops into a more serious problem.
Variety of Services
Another benefit to choosing our Allen family dentist is that a patient can see a variety of specialists. Family dental practices typically have several specialists covering a wide variety of services for patients of every age. General dental practices will typically have one main dentist who may recommend other specialists for certain dental issues. A family dentist simplifies dental care because everything you may need is located in one practice. 
Personal Relationships
Another benefit of choosing Dr. Kim is that our family dentist will be able to form personal relationships with every member of the family. Going to the dentist can make some people a little apprehensive. However, growing up with a family dentist can help your child become familiar with the dental process at a very young age. 
Convenient Hours
Operating hours for Dedicated Dental are much more flexible than general practice hours. We offer our patients flexible hours so that every member of the family has the opportunity to receive quality dental care. We understand that our patients have busy lives, so that is why we have evening and weekend hours available for even the busiest of schedules.
The best way to serve our patients is to provide as much opportunity for dental care as we can. We encourage patients to schedule dental care appointments for the whole family! It can be burdensome to juggle multiple appointments for multiple family members. We allow patients to make appointments for the whole family in just one visit. 
Preventative Oral Care
Dr. Kim will be able to detect and treat dental health issues as soon as they occur. Because you grow up with your family dentist, they know your dental history from start to finish. If it seems as though a dental health issue may be arising, they will be able to treat it before it becomes a more serious issue. This can save our clients both time and money in the long run because it can prevent the need for more serious dental work in the future.
Call Dedicated Dental today to make your next visit with your family dentist in Allen, TX! You can reach our team by calling the office at (972) 359-1300, or by emailing us at frontdesk@allendedicateddentist.com and a member of our team will reach out at your convenience. We look forward to providing your family with comprehensive, high-quality dental care!